Jay Allan, who is our resident photographer and original creator of this website, is a Los Angeles based photographer with over 15 years of experience photographing naked women.  Jay graduated from the famous Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA with a degree in photo illustration.  Upon leaving Brooks,
Armed And Dangerous
Jay is currently reinventing himself into a more modern style utilizing the newest digital technology and lighting.  Jay Allan's work is well known for its high quality lighting and composition.  A careful blend of daylight and artificial light, mixed with beautiful makeup and colorful locations, is a standard in the Jay Allan image. 
The goal of this website is to present some of the most stunning models on the planet in the absolutely best way possible.  We will be shooting new stuff all of the time, and going outdoors, and overseas (and God only knows where else) to make that happen.  We are planning to make this site one the best produced collections of exclusive and high-grade material anywhere on the internet.  With the continuing improvement of the web, providing faster
speeds  and greater bandwidth, we are
shooting ever higher resolution video to accompany
our photo shoots. 
We hope that you enjoy these images and videos as
much as we enjoy producing them for you.  We are
indeed living a dream by making a living this way - and
we get a ton of pleasure every single day out of making
this site a reality for you.  We encourage you to offer
your suggestions, and creative criticisms if you have
them.  You can contribute your comments directly in our member forums.  We are really excited about the future of this site, and about all those wonderful girls who are just now turning 18.

- Enjoy :)  
Jay began assisting work with Penthouse photographer  J. Stephen Hicks.  After spending seven years in this highly productive studio, Jay opened his own studio in the old Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery in downtown Los Angeles.  This top floor loft was built in the old refrigeration storage for the beer (sadly none was left) in a 5000 sq. ft. room.  This industrial location was ideal for shooting and featured a five person hot tub in the middle; from inside which, Jay could shoot outward.  Assistants had to hand Jay his camera and change the film for him from outside the water.  Many high-profile magazine centerfolds were shot here.  In 2006, Jay moved to a new studio in Hollywood near the major film studios.

Nowadays, Jay's work can be found in scores of magazines worldwide.  Men's Magazines such as Gallery, Penthouse, Club International, Hustler, and High Society have all featured Jay's pictorials